FluDar.com - Your Influenza Radar!

WINNER: Honorable mention

FluDar.com provides essential influenza information to the public in an easy-to-understand visual manner (much like radar) and through several different delivery mechanisms.  Using three CDC data sources including the Vaccine Coverage statistics, weekly Flu Activity report, and the Influenza Updates News feed, FluDar.com displays maps of current and historic Flu Activity across the country and much more!  FluDar provides this information to the public in three ways:  on a public website, through email alerts, and on Twitter. 


The Website is located at http://www.FluDar.com and is open to the public.  You'll find a home page updated with the last flu activity in a small map.  Where's The Flu? shows a larger version of this map and the ability to go backwards/forwards in time (with data provided by the Weekly Flu Activity Report).  Want to see what the conditions were like last month?  A few clicks and the information is displayed!  Under Who's Vaccinated?, vaccination coverage statistics are available for the nation and each HHS Region using the Influenza Vaccination Estimates data.  The Flu News page features the CDC Influenza Update RSS feed.


FluDar.com's Email Alerts are powered by the CDC Flu Activity feed.  When the feed is updated, emails are sent to subscribers with the latest flu activity level for their selected state.


FluDar.com's Twitter feature is interactive as well as informative, using two data sources.  First, as the CDC's feed of Influenza Updates changes, the new entries are tweeted by @FluDar on the widely popular social network Twitter.  For those users who follow @FluDar, they can send a direct message with their location (state or zip) to receive a mesage in reply with the flu activity level for that location, per the latest Flu Activity report.


By combining multiple data sources, FluDar.com aims to provide the most current and highest quantity of flu information in one spot.  And with using three delivery mechanisms (web, email and Twitter), FluDar.com understands that ease of access to the information is equally important as the information itself.


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